Beautiful World Foundation

"To educate, and be educated. To inspire and be inspired."

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A Beautiful Vision

Explore, Educate, and Inspire.

The Beautiful World Foundation is a humanitarian endeavor committed to highlighting the raw beauty of the world and its beautiful people. Our goal is to help shine a light on those we encounter in developing regions by creating lasting solutions through community collaboration, volunteer efforts, and the generosity of donors. To generate global awareness the Beautiful World Foundation will be documenting the progress of our journey through the power of film, illustrating all that is beautiful in the world, and portraying the immense strengths people have when coming together to create positive change.

The Inspired Idea

The idea is to create and perpetuate positive experiences through exploration, education, trust, and friendship, demonstrating the beauty this world has to offer through collaborative efforts.

Each of our members were brought together by the same ideals to make positive change and share experiences of beauty in the world with the people we encounter. Individually, we all had hopes to expand the typical humanitarian volunteer experience to ensure that proved impact would be lasting. One conversation lead to another and quickly inspired the development of BWF and the beginning of a commitment to our on-going journey.

A Genuine Purpose

The Beautiful World Foundation team will travel to some of the world’s greatest developing regions. The team’s goal is to integrate within inhabitants environments, to learn about culture and customs, understand the issues they may face and how they deal with survival on a daily basis.

By working alongside the people of the community, we can help identify basic needs and create Foundations that address solutions to be maintained and developed further over time becoming fully self-sustaining within their respectful communities.

Listen to a recent radio interview about the Beautiful World Foundation below:

A Positive Correlation

The BWF will showcase its mission to illustrate and witness the beautiful world in which we live through crowd-funding, sponsoring, volunteering, and worldwide media awareness. The development of this expedition will unfold into a story that inspires, educates, and supports not only the people we encounter, but also our audiences and all BWF participants.

An Alliance to Fruition

There is greatness to be learned from our research and when needed, there is greatness that we can teach by implementing helpful and sustainable systems where resources are lacking. Through the use of our skills and expertise in fields such as education, medicine, agriculture, arts, and science, we will find innovative ways in which we can work together with the minds we encounter and contribute to the enhancement of their standard of living.

While seeking the world’s physical beauty in its landscapes and natural environments, we will also work to understand, discover, and spotlight the world’s inner beauty. Within its core, we want to demonstrate the purity of culture, the spirits of the people we meet, the balance of ecologies, the importance of a stable economy, the power of positivity, and the progressive effectiveness of influential inspiration.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, behold what you can see”.